Agnes Christina’s Biography

Agnes Christina has been writing, producing and directing her own productions since 2011.
A recipient of Kelola Foundation Arts Grant for Innovative work 2012, Agnes has been focusing on human life cycle through historical fiction.
In her recent research under Substation Directors’ Lab programme, she studies on Serat Centhini, the most magnificent encyclopedia of Javanese culture which is packaged in an epic historical fiction, and has been presenting site-specific episodic performances from the book in temples in Java island.
In her performances, Agnes always thrive to combine other art disciplines with theatre to form a solid piece.

Life is surely a journey; everyone knows it. But what do you do in that journey, what do you do with the journey, and where is your journey leading you to?
These questions persist in any human being, whether you realise it or not.
Agnes’ works ponder about these questions and presenting these questions from different angles is her way of answering them.

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