Update on whatever stage this Reading Centhini is on

It’s been few months since my last performance. I haven’t even uploaded the video of the performance here, or photos. Lol. Im so bad at updates now. My instagram feed is flourishing though. All leafprints stuff. It’s a very enjoyable work for me. I mean i get to make real money with those leafthief products, i get to enjoy the manual process, i get to bask on the beauty of details of each leaves. It’s so fulfilling and therapeutic. And most importantly, i sort of re-learn about communication from all the exchange of talks and bargains of leafthief products and also I get to learn about managing expectation, both mine and others. It’s such a cool stage of my life, and also for this reading centhini process.

I have only 2 more full length performance left before I will officially finish this project. I have tried applying for some fundings but im not sure of the outcome, so let’s cross our fingers.

The closer i get to the end of this series, it’s becoming clearer to me, the reason of why I am so drawn into this whole book and why it takes quite long to finish this series.

So there, i’ve said it.

Maybe it’s cliche, but hey I totally reap this benefit from this book. It’s a very bumpy road but it’s all worth it.

Sooooooo. Let’s hope the universe helps me pave the way to the closure of this series.

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