Reading Centhini: PALATE

Hey friends! I’ve officially launched this newest edition of Reading Centhini series titled PALATE.

For now, this dinner event is only available in Jogjakarta as a private, 3-course dinner. Max 3pax per session, @155k IDR. You’ll need to reserve at least one day prior to the dinner to Then I’ll send you the gps location for the dinner and I’ll see you there!

In this long term collaboration with local chefs Lanang Sulistyo and Dea Jemima, you’ll be dining with me while I tell you stories behind each dish and many more things about Serat Centhini and Javanese philosophy of food. Oh, and we always develop our menu, so you can join us for a million time and the food would never be the same! 

For those in other cities/countries who are interested in this event, you could totally host us, but it will be a 10-course gala dinner performance for max 50pax per session (of course with different price tag). We can’t do private dinner session outside Jogjakarta since the cost would be too high 🙂

So yeah! Reserve your dinner now and I’ll see you at the dinner 🙂

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