Upcoming show READING CENTHINI: NGGON (place/ownership)


Okay this is an unofficial publicity poster that i did myself.
So… Upcoming show!

Reading Centhini: NGGON (place/ownership)
27 August 2016, 4pm at Bazaar Art Jakarta, Pacific Place.

Basically this show is about building a house, following traditional Javanese calculation based on Serat Centhini and Primbon Betaljemur Adammakna.
Other than performance, I will be exhibiting my installation and video of this performance.  (They are for sale, so please buy lol)
Ok here’s the write up about Reading Centhini: NGGON (place/ownership)

In the western concept of a home, is a place of beginning and returning, a place of relationships, of collective memories and sense of belonging. For some, home is a mythical concept of desire; a place of no return.

In Javanese, “nggon” could mean a place, a home, or ownership.

Mentioning the word home, indeed, evoke many interpretation geographically, politically, emotionally, economically, artistically, culturally and so on. However, one thing for sure, home means “selamat” (safety).
The Javanese are told to ask only for “selamat” to be granted upon them when they pray. Selamat, a humble request, yet it embraces everything that we need in both life and afterlife. Selamat in life means we have enough for ourselves, we have enough to give to others and we have the wisdom to respond to anything that comes our way.
Javanese homes are very personal. The measurement for the building is based on the owner’s body part, such as length of arm, length of sole, length of fingers stretched out and so on, according to the owner’s “weton”(javanese zodiac) and goals in life.

A home is not only a part of your self-definition; it is you.

Building a home is a lifelong battle. It is a shelter for the rest of your life, a shelter in which you feel comfortable and safe. The architecture and the process of building a home, for the javanese, is more than just for the physical usage. It is a symbol of harmony between human and its environment, it is a metaphor of our life path. A home is built from the bottom to the top, just like our lives. Building a home is a symbol of living up our own path to eventually be the ultimate human being, a stage where we have achieved harmony with ourselves and our surrounding, and eventually our “roh” (soul) is unified with our physical body in all our actions.

Building a home is a dance, in which our body becomes an architecture; a home is “rasa” (taste/feeling) and awareness that has taken a form. And this is what makes a traditional javanese home-building different from the current practice of buying a ready-made house: the “rasa” is missing from today’s practice. After all, your home is you; it is your “rasa” and awareness that has taken a physical form, which in turn gives you safety and comfort.


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