Reading Centhini: Bukan Cinta Satu Malam eps. Basah Basah Basah (gallery, synopsis and photo)

Basah, basah, basah

13 February 2016 at Jogja Village Inn (pendopo)

This piece presents story of Amongraga’s journey after leaving Tambangraras. His journey finally stopped at Kanigara village, where he became the spiritual leader for the people along the beach area. The mosque in Kanigara village was crowded but the people was more attracted to Amongraga’s disciples’ magic tricks. Amongraga himself was drowned in his ambition to reach enlightenment, never leaving the mosque, not eating, not sleeping. He didn’t stop his disciples from using magic tricks to awe the masses. Amongraga was filled with vengeance. He wanted to take revenge to Sultan Agung because Sultan Agung had attacked Giri region in the past. Amongraga was acting as if he has lived in the incorporeal world. He travelled magically to Sultan Agung’s retreat places, however he was always late. Whenever Amongraga reach Sultan Agung’s retreat place, Sultan Agung would have already left; the only thing left was the remnants of Sultan Agung’s bettlenut chewings. Amongraga felt so ashamed; this pushed him to meditate more seriously. His only aim was to defeat Sultan Agung’s power. Soon enough, words about Amongraga spread around and reached Sultan Agung’s ears. It was said that there is a person who called himself a spiritual teacher around the southern mountain range, but the teachings are wrong. This teacher has ruined many people’s minds. Long story short, Sultan Agung ordered Patih Wiraguna to capture this person and punish him by drowning him in the southern sea. Amongraga was captured and drowned at the Tunjungbang bay.

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