Next reading centhini events

I’m on a proposal-typing spree!


So early next year (we are hoping for february..valentine’s day to be more specific) I’m gonna present 4 short performances (body movement+some visual and sound tricks) over 4days in 4different venues. This series of performances is titled “Bukan Cinta Satu Malam” (taken from a dangdut song title, of course *wink wink*). The 4performances are titled:
1. Gegana- gelisah galau merana
2. Icik icim Ahum
3. Basah basah basah
4. #massudahmas
These 4 performances will examine about love in few different aspects and contexts, all based on the stories in Serat Centhini. If you ask why the titles are cheesy and saucy and slightly pornographic…..isn’t that appropriate with Serat Centhini?
We are hoping that this event could serve as a fund raising event for our next full performance which is…….*drumroll*…….


READING CENTHINI: NGGON (place/ownership)
Yes, the show about building a house. For these few months I lost the reason of why I should present this show. It was such depressing months….losing your reason to present a performance… It was a mixture of feeling defeated, feeling useless and many more.
Then…i found my reason back. This time, it is stronger than ever. In fact, I have completed all the bits and pieces about building a house and now I just have to arrange them together in a groundbreaking dramaturgy.

To be honest, I am totally scared to do this show. In Reading Centhini:Suluk Tambangraras, I had to prepare 5 parallels to complete the plot, but now for Reading Centhini:Nggon, I foresee at least 7 parallels. It IS that complicated. Building a house is never easy!

Now, let us all pray to God so that I could get venues, sponsors, collaborators and performers to do justice to this piece.

This is so exciting, yet extremely scary. This next installment is like building a house, building my own life.
Good luck to me, and see you next year on stage!

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