Touring the show Reading Centhini:Suluk Tambangraras

Any theatre practitioner would want to tour their productions, right?
Since january I’ve been browsing for festivals and theatre venues, observing my chance to bring my show there..

In my past productions, I arranged my own tour and I felt quite proud of being able to arrange my own tour, eventhough the tour was to few cities in Indonesia only. Arranging a tour is abit tricky and it’s like a love-hate-relationship.

For this Reading Centhini:Suluk Tambangraras, I would love to arrange my own tour as well, but my energy level is different now…and the circumstances now doesn’t allow me to be as crazy as I was few yrs ago. The most that I can do now is to keep emailing any festival all over the world and hoping they would say yes to my show.

And I kind of realize something… I am not a superhuman. In all my productions, I’ve been doing everything myself. Writing, directing, producing, designing all publicity materials, arranging photo sessions, liaising and choosing musician/collaborators, selling tickets, preparing press release, printing all publicity material, even sewing my own costumes. This centhini project is even worse coz i perform the piece myself. I look selfish, in that sense. Coz theatre is supposed to be a joint effort, involving many people………………….. That is is you have the money to pay everyone nicely. Budget is always a problem, right? To cut cost, I have to do everything myself. Well, it’s an enjoyable process and very rewarding, but it takes quadruple amount of energy.

So, if you have any information about festivals near your place, please inform me. I’d send proposal to those festivals and pray so that they say yes to my proposal 😀

6 thoughts on “Touring the show Reading Centhini:Suluk Tambangraras

  1. Hello… I am in Bandung, Indonesia. I am now reading (literally) Centhini book. It is just started two days ago.
    I am in love. Truly in love. And this book awesome-ing in a highest level of art. I found my self embarrassed for the “so late” me finding the book. But still, this love has no shame 🙂

    Then, I found you. As an event, as a reminder of history, as an art do-er. I am lucky, although maybe again, it is so late 🙂

    I found Centhini is so beautiful. Both mistique and erotic… I found passion, desire and destiny everywhere. And it awoke me so much…

    Imagining the theatre or show about Centhini, is so magic… Is it come out from the book? 🙂 I hope you will always happy with what you desire about Centhini. I found your writing so exhausted and maybe so down. But I believe in you. You will always find a way about beauty and honoring the history of our ancestor 🙂

      • Yup…if you happen to be in jogja, please come and watch…if not…i’ll post the videos on youtube as well…and i might have another show in jakarta in may.. Will update things when it gets confirmed!
        After reading inandiak’s version you shd try reading the full version..published by gamapress..hehehe..very thick but more fun

      • So you’ll upload on videos too? Wow. That is cool… So I could tell my friend how beautiful Centhini is. I just watched on youtube the interview of Inandiak, with Didik Nini Thowok in it. Amazing work of Centhini-art. Really? You will also in Jakarta? That is my home.. I live near Pancoran Statue :).

        FULL version from Gamapress? Is it indonesian version? Written by Indonesian? I am truly curious about full version, no matter how thick they are. Centhini is truly more than a journey. 🙂

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