Thankyou notes

There are many people that i’d like to thank… (Not in any order)

1. Noor effendy ibrahim, for forcing me to apply for directors lab programme and being irritating at times with his questions about directing style
2. Nur khairiyah, for being a very accomodating friend and programme manager, for entertaining my sudden impulses and very late night whatsapp messages
3. Popok tri wahyudi, for all the ‘so what’ questions, for being a shoulder to cry on, for sending me everywhere, for the paintings, for the ideas, for the advises, for the listening ear, for our endless chats about art, for being an impromptu videographer, crew and artistic consultant
4. Elizabeth Inandiak, for the short interview about translation process
5. Ibu Suyami from Balai Pelestarian Nilai Budaya Yogyakarta for giving me a very clear history and details of tembang and giving me a copy of her own personal tembang book
6. Ibu Sunarti for teaching me patiently how to sing all the tunes of tembang, bringing me to her concerts and for all the stories about her life and learning journey
7. Dra. Titiek Agustin a.k.a mbak tipuk for guiding me and being very very patient with me in javanese dance, teaching me how to do make up and to wear sanggul and for sewing a kebaya top for me.
8. Suprapto Suryodarmo for teaching me to be patient and for calming me down a lot and for being someone that i can confide in and ask advices from, for opening my eyes and creating an aware body in me, for pushing me slowly to do short performances and understanding javanese philosophy deeply
9. Mas Goro, for eventhough we don’t know each other and he live so far away in hawaii, he opened up a whole new opportunity for me to access alm. Pak Karkono’s books and for the new friendship made and for all the support, stories and old photos 🙂
10. Mbak Rini and Pak Herly, for allowing me to access alm.Pak Karkono’s books
11. Didik Ninik Thowok, for reminding me the role of a performance and the power of a stage
12. drs. Manu and Arya, for shedding some lights on javanese literature philologically
13. Chong Tze Chien, for EVERYTHING. For all the stories shared, the inspirations, the guidance, the advices not only for the programme but also for my career, for the endless support.
14. Natalie from Cake theatre, for giving me kind advices on the purpose of doing art, on pushing all boundaries, for the many emails, for the support to my career in the future
15. David wirawan, for the beautiful photographs
16. Nicholas Yudifar, for the video at penataran temple
17. Emanorwatty Saleh for being the best listening ear, giving advices, for all the whatsapp messages, for being a very great friend
18. Suhaili Safari a.k.a Eli for being the greatest ever! For the sharing of ideas, the craziness, the sad moments the happiest moments the comforting words the hugs and bites
19. Nor lastrina hamid because you are always there to catch me when i fall then toss me back up in the air
20. Diah Yulianti for appearing in my dream and providing a beautiful cover to end my current version of centhini

Last but not least, for all of you, thankyou, i hope i can do justice to serat centhini in one way or another.

2 thoughts on “Thankyou notes

  1. Just read this. Thank you for sharing your journey with me Agnes. You’re so genuine in your work, it has been an enjoyable learning experience for me too.

    See you again at your final production ❤

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