Call for help!! Urgent!!


Dear friends,

In this post I would like to ask for your help.

Last month, i was planning to present an episodic performance from Serat Centhini titled Kalam Munyeng. The show was supposed to be on 8 march at Sawentar Temple (sawentar village, Garum area, Blitar, East Java). Unfortunately the vulcanic ash from mount Kelud badly affected the area. So me and my collaborators decided to postpone the event to 12 april 2014 and to open up the event to invite local artists from the village and neighbouring towns to be involved in the event. We focus on the theme Kala Munyeng, it means revolving time in Javanese. Here, we see time as the ultimate giant that eats up everything, destroying everything,yet it keeps turning. Now the decision is ours, whether to surrender and be eaten up by time, or to keep fighting, to embrace time and move along with it.
In this event we hope to accomplish 2 things. First, we hope to empower the villagers after experiencing such disaster from the vulcanic eruption; the roof of their houses might fall to the ground due to the thick vulcanic ash, their fields, plants and cattle might die due to the ash as well. We hope the theme we focus on, Kala Munyeng, serves as inspiration for them to motivate each other to be optimist in life. Anything can happen in their lifetime, what’s important is to keep on living, fighting and move along with time.
Second, the local artists. They have such great potential in traditional art form and contemporary. However, they lack of trigger to develop their potential to the fullest. When you have great potential but you do not grow because of lack of trigger, this is such a missed opportunity in life. We are hoping this event would trigger them to realize that growing is easy; you do not need to live in big cities, you do not need to have a lot of money, you just have to make the decision to grow. When you work hand in hand, anything can be done.
This is our plan:
1. I will write a formal letter to invite the local artists to be involved in this event, to interpret the theme and present it in any form, with hope to empower the audience and also fellow artists to move forward.
2. After i get a response, me and my collaborators from Malang (Anang Brotoseno, Kharisma D Anggita, Susan d Candra, Abimanyu) will go to blitar and Sawentar vilkage to introduce ourselves and socialize the theme Kala Munyeng
3. We will conduct a short workshop for body movement and have discussion with the local artists.
4. 10 april we will gather at sawentar village to have final rehearsal together, continued till the event on 12 april

Within few hours from our discussion in Malang, Majapahit Creative Centre told the organiser that they want to donate a dance. I was really surprised, because we have not even written the invitation letter, but we have a group ready to donate a performance. I didnt know how the word spread to them within hours, and they are from Mojokerto, further away from Blitar town.
Seeing this response, we recounted our budget. Turns out, we are short of funding to provide proper food, drinks and transport for the artists. All of them voluntarily join the event, but the organiser need to provide food, drinks and transport for them. That’s the least we can do for them.

So, in this blogpost, i am asking for your help to donate a little. If you donate below 100.000 rupiah, we will be so thankful to you and pray for you. If you donate 100.000 rupiah and above, we will be so thankful, pray for you, give you a tshirt and dvd of the event (we already have a kind soul that is gonna print tshirts for our event for free). For those of you not familiar with rupiah curency, 100.000 rupiah is roughly 10USD or around 11SGD.
To donate,you can email agneschristina87@gmail.comand i will give you my bank account. If you do not want to donate in the form of money, please pray for the villagers and pray so that our event could run smoothly.

Thank you so much. Let’s keep motivating each other in any way possible 🙂


Agnes, Anang Brotoseno,Susan D Candra, Kharisma D Anggita, Abimanyu, Djoni Sugiarto, Majapahit Creative Centre, SawentarVillage, Blitar local artists.

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