Reading Centhini:Centhini Nguping (video, gallery and synopsis))

Date:1 January 2014
Venue: Sukuh Temple, Karanganyar, Central Java
Part of Srawung Seni Candi event

Some snapshots below






This story is about the first 40 days after Amongraga and Tambangraras’ marriage.
The wedding night only happened on the 40th night. From day 1 to 39, Amongraga answered all Tambangraras’ questions and taught her more about religion. After Tambangraras was ready, they had their sexual encounter.
The song i used here is Rhoma Irama’s song ‘piano’
The song is about a couple playing piano. The guy teaches the girl how to play piano and invites her to sing along to the piano tune.
Why i choose this song? Because relationship is like playing music together. You have to reach a common understanding to create an enjoyable tune and sing together. Rather than using a vulgar dangdut song, i prefer this song to symbolize the process before the sexual encounter.

One thought on “Reading Centhini:Centhini Nguping (video, gallery and synopsis))

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    I first met Agnes around 2006, and later helped her out a bit during Q3 of 2012.

    Agnes is currently a 2013 recipient of The Substations’s 18-months Directors’ Lab programme She is 9 months into her research work and actively updates her blog

    Her posts is usually lengthy and wordy and I have a hard time following. Here is a video post I like, or her performance at Sukuh Temple, Karanganyar, Central Java as part of Srawung Seni Candi event.

    From 30 Apr 2014 to 3 May 2014, the recipients will be presenting their work at The Substation. Agnes will be presenting on Reading Centhini : The reader / Date : 2nd May / Time: 7.30pm-9.00pm Come check it out!

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