Macapatan event at pengeritan Ambarukmo

Yeap, last thursday I went to a macapatan event organized by drs. Manu at pengeritan Ambarukmo.
I was so amazed.
Here are some photos sent to me by oom Didik Nini Thowok’s assistant







Simple event, but i was surprised that they started the event with an offering ritual.


The offering(sesajen) consisted of 2 bunches of bananas with raw cotton thread entwined in between the fruits, making a circle around the 2 bunches of bananas. On top of the bananas, they put red coloured flower in a container made from banana leaf and sirih leaves in another container.
They brought the offering inside the building and placed it in front of the room in which one of the Sultan passed away.
I was asked to a company the ritual, so i got to see everything.
After they placed the sesajen in front of the door, one person started to burn the kemenyan. He threw the kemenyan 3 times into the fire, and then he started singing 3 parts of the scripture that we are going to sing later. After he was done, we came back to the pengeritan, where we held the macapatan event.

Oom Didik was asked to start the macapatan session. The scriptures that we were reading is from Bharatayudha,using tembang Pangkur.
Oom Didik sang few parts, and all of the participants started to follow. In the end we sang the scripture till the end of the pupuh.
After this pupuh is done, we had a break, and after the break, we started the discussion on the meaning of the scripture.

I am coming to another macapatan event this thursday!

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