Gelar Pantomime Jogja2013 : day 1

If I want to make a performance withoutwords, surely i have to know a bit about pantomime, right?
Call me lucky! Because today there’s pantomime festival in jogjakarta!


This 2-days event offers 6 performances from 6 pantomime groups. There are Surabaya Mime Society, Deaf Art Community, Riza Mime Community, Malmime-Ja (in collaboration with Kota Untuk Manusia), Timoer Mime, and Bengkel Mime Theatre.

Here is the list of performances for 1st day:
1. Ablatio by Surabaya Mime Society
2. I’m butterfly by Deaf Art Community
3. Yang Waras bukan Gila, yang Gila bukan Waras by Riza Mime Community

Ablatio is a combination of 2 performances: Jelangkung and Syair Bunga Koran. To be jonest, I didn’t get the storyline at all. The acting was very bad, as if the actors have no energy  or no proper rehearsal. However, their stage dynamic is very good.


I’m Butterfly, has a very simple plot: the process of becoming who we are today, from pregnancy, birth, growing up, finding our place in society. There are few things that make this performance special and amazing. First, the performers are all deaf. Of course you would say that pantomime is a piece of cake for them, since they use sign languagd and body gesture everyday… But really, they have just the right amount of energy and exaggeration for the performance, and the fact that they manage to choose specific daily life happenings that are simple yet important, make this show the best show for the night. Secondly, they have beatboxers to provide music illustration for their show. They can’t hear the beatboxers,but they trust the beatboxers to illustrate and highlight their movements. And the beatboxers really did a great job in illustrating the scenes. Thirdly, they have a dance sequence to close the show. This made me wonder, how did they rehearse the dance? They can’t hear the beats, so how do they synchronize their countings? Fourth, there was this scene showing that the babies have been born. How did they mime it? They have the midwife character undress. Beneath the layer of midwife clothing,he wore a baby’s clothing. So while undressing,he slowly changed his gesture into a baby kicking and crying. This scene was so simple without any special lihging effect or sound effect  but it was the best scene ever. I am just amazed by this group.




Yang Waras Bukan Gila, Yang Gila Bukan Waras was…………….hmmm….. i did not understand the story at all. Well, some parts were funny because they had this very young kid who did very good pantomime. But other than that, i totally was lost.


Let’s see tomorrow’s performances. Bengkel Mime Theatre is presenting ‘veteran tua’, one of their shows which received Kelola Arts Grants. I have watched the show on youtube and i love it so much!

After i have watched tomorrow’s show, let’s talk about pantomime!

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