Update on whatever stage this Reading Centhini is on

It’s been few months since my last performance. I haven’t even uploaded the video of the performance here, or photos. Lol. Im so bad at updates now. My instagram feed is flourishing though. All leafprints stuff. It’s a very enjoyable work for me. I mean i get to make real money with those leafthief products, i get to enjoy the manual process, i get to bask on the beauty of details of each leaves. It’s so fulfilling and therapeutic. And most importantly, i sort of re-learn about communication from all the exchange of talks and bargains of leafthief products and also I get to learn about managing expectation, both mine and others. It’s such a cool stage of my life, and also for this reading centhini process.

I have only 2 more full length performance left before I will officially finish this project. I have tried applying for some fundings but im not sure of the outcome, so let’s cross our fingers.

The closer i get to the end of this series, it’s becoming clearer to me, the reason of why I am so drawn into this whole book and why it takes quite long to finish this series.

So there, i’ve said it.

Maybe it’s cliche, but hey I totally reap this benefit from this book. It’s a very bumpy road but it’s all worth it.

Sooooooo. Let’s hope the universe helps me pave the way to the closure of this series.

Upcoming show.. Reading Centhini: Katuranggan (study of bodies) 

Upcoming show this weekend!!! 

Saturday 12 august 8pm (in indonesian) 

Sunday 13 august 8pm (in english) 

Limited seats,  only 25 seats available per show.  Tickets are priced at 15k IDR,  reservation to +628988117694

In this show,  you will join me to direct half of the show 🙂 


Turangga means horse,  while ilmu katuranggan means study of bodies.  

Serat centhini and primbon betaljemur adammakna elaborates on ilmu katuranggan.  There are many types of people based on their physical appearance,  and further classified into 3 groups based on the level of passion in love making. 

Serat centhini also specially assigned many chapters towards understanding horses.  Horses in the past were considered precious,  as a mode of transportation,  sport and social status. 

So what’s the matter with horses and bodies? 

leaf print textile

If you have been following my instagram feed, you’ll notice that I’ve been posting leaf prints on textile. It is still in research and experiment stage, but I am enjoying the process very much.

These are done using printmaking technique, using real leaves.

It creates a very therapeutic piece of textile, where you could enjoy looking at the leaf fibres in detail. The more you look at it, the more you appreciate the plants around you.

My favourite leaves so far are banana leaves, bamboo leaves and grass.

Reading Centhini: PALATE

Hey friends! I’ve officially launched this newest edition of Reading Centhini series titled PALATE.

For now, this dinner event is only available in Jogjakarta as a private, 3-course dinner. Max 3pax per session, @155k IDR. You’ll need to reserve at least one day prior to the dinner to agneschristina87@gmail.com. Then I’ll send you the gps location for the dinner and I’ll see you there!

In this long term collaboration with local chefs Lanang Sulistyo and Dea Jemima, you’ll be dining with me while I tell you stories behind each dish and many more things about Serat Centhini and Javanese philosophy of food. Oh, and we always develop our menu, so you can join us for a million time and the food would never be the same! 

For those in other cities/countries who are interested in this event, you could totally host us, but it will be a 10-course gala dinner performance for max 50pax per session (of course with different price tag). We can’t do private dinner session outside Jogjakarta since the cost would be too high 🙂

So yeah! Reserve your dinner now and I’ll see you at the dinner 🙂

Upcoming show: Reading Centhini:Suluk Tambangraras v.03

Reading Centhini:Suluk Tambangraras v.03 will be staged for Borobudur Writers and Cultural Festival this coming 8october, 7pm at Pendopo Ambarukmo (between ambarukmo plaza and hotel ambarukmo)

This time, the show will be presented in a new version, more compact script, new songs, new point of view and featuring HaSoe SE.

See you all at the show! 

Reading Centhini: NGGON (photo/video)

Reading Centhini: NGGON (place/ownership)

Premiered at Bazaar Art Jakarta 2016

trailer: https://youtu.be/GlAWymoArEs

My deepest gratitude to Bazaar Art Jakarta, Vivi Yip, Rifky Effendi, Ragil Andi Irawan, Hananda Hutami Putri, Lintang Radittya, Endro Gusmoro, Kasan Kurdi, Oki Kurniawan and Pinto NH

Upcoming show READING CENTHINI: NGGON (place/ownership)


Okay this is an unofficial publicity poster that i did myself.
So… Upcoming show!

Reading Centhini: NGGON (place/ownership)
27 August 2016, 4pm at Bazaar Art Jakarta, Pacific Place.

Basically this show is about building a house, following traditional Javanese calculation based on Serat Centhini and Primbon Betaljemur Adammakna.
Other than performance, I will be exhibiting my installation and video of this performance.  (They are for sale, so please buy lol)
Ok here’s the write up about Reading Centhini: NGGON (place/ownership)

In the western concept of a home, is a place of beginning and returning, a place of relationships, of collective memories and sense of belonging. For some, home is a mythical concept of desire; a place of no return.

In Javanese, “nggon” could mean a place, a home, or ownership.

Mentioning the word home, indeed, evoke many interpretation geographically, politically, emotionally, economically, artistically, culturally and so on. However, one thing for sure, home means “selamat” (safety).
The Javanese are told to ask only for “selamat” to be granted upon them when they pray. Selamat, a humble request, yet it embraces everything that we need in both life and afterlife. Selamat in life means we have enough for ourselves, we have enough to give to others and we have the wisdom to respond to anything that comes our way.
Javanese homes are very personal. The measurement for the building is based on the owner’s body part, such as length of arm, length of sole, length of fingers stretched out and so on, according to the owner’s “weton”(javanese zodiac) and goals in life.

A home is not only a part of your self-definition; it is you.

Building a home is a lifelong battle. It is a shelter for the rest of your life, a shelter in which you feel comfortable and safe. The architecture and the process of building a home, for the javanese, is more than just for the physical usage. It is a symbol of harmony between human and its environment, it is a metaphor of our life path. A home is built from the bottom to the top, just like our lives. Building a home is a symbol of living up our own path to eventually be the ultimate human being, a stage where we have achieved harmony with ourselves and our surrounding, and eventually our “roh” (soul) is unified with our physical body in all our actions.

Building a home is a dance, in which our body becomes an architecture; a home is “rasa” (taste/feeling) and awareness that has taken a form. And this is what makes a traditional javanese home-building different from the current practice of buying a ready-made house: the “rasa” is missing from today’s practice. After all, your home is you; it is your “rasa” and awareness that has taken a physical form, which in turn gives you safety and comfort.


Reading Centhini: Suluk Tambangraras(restaging at Galeri Indonesia Kaya) (photo gallery)

Some photos from Reading Centhini: Suluk Tambangraras (restaging at Galeri Indonesia Kaya)

Thank you very much to Galeri Indonesia Kaya and the audience!

Reading Centhini: Suluk Tambangraras (restaging) at Galeri Indonesia Kaya


Hey friends!! I will be restaging Reading Centhini: Suluk Tambangraras at Galeri Indonesia Kaya this coming 21 May 2016, 3pm jakarta time.
You can reserve tickets starting 14/15 may through http://www.indonesiakaya.com just click on the calendar. The show is free of charge, you only need to reserve tickets!
If you live outside jakarta, or overseas, or simply can’t make it on that day, don’t worry! There will be livestreaming from the same website, http://www.indonesiakaya.com
See you thereeee (both offline and online)!!
P.s there will be english subtitle for both live show and live streaming!


Upcoming shows!

Just to update some upcoming shows….

8 may 2016.. Reading Centhini: Margana at Selomangleng cave, kediri (short performance)
21 may 2016.. restaging Reading Centhini: Suluk Tambangraras at Galeri Indonesia Kaya (there will be live streaming as well)
4 June 2016.. Reading Centhini: Unfinished Buddha at vihara Dhama Sundara (short performance)

Let’s read Centhini again!